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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Big Bad Dad is afraid of a Spider...

“Don’t go in that there garden shed.”  My dad leaned in toward my daughters to emphasize his sincerity as he delivered this ominous warning. 

I nodded.  “Yes, Pappy’s gardening tools are in there.”  I pictured various blades and other sharp objects that could easily inflict some type of physical injury onto two curious nine year old girls.

“No!  Because there’s a spider that lives there that’s as big as my fist.” Dad held up his meaty paw to demonstrate the enormity of this spider.   “Big as a mouse…and as fast!”

I started to chuckle envisioning my huge dad creeping into the shed but being forced to abandon his desired garden tool once spotted and pursed by what most Harry Potter fans would consider Aragog.  But one glimpse of my dad’s emphatic expression and discrete glances toward the shed in question, as if the multi-legged beast would hear him discussing him and tear across the yard to seek revenge, and I knew he was serious.   Super Spider Royalty Free Clipart Image

I suppose many have fears that may seem irrational to another but inflict sheer terror onto the tormented.  A friend of mine confided in being terrified of banks, for fear of a robbery occurring while she was there.  She would only use the drive through. Even safe in her very own get-away car, she still found that traumatic.

I tried to think of what my irrational fear would be.  After much time pondering the question I realized it probably wouldn’t seem irrational to me.  Heights?  Claustrophobia? Sure either could result in some kind of injury or maiming if something went amiss, but I would guess a ventriloquist doll really wouldn’t come to life and pursue me.

Well, probably not… I’m pretty certain that’s the intent behind those painted on creepy eyes.  


What’s keeping you from achieving your goal?


Lilly Gayle said...

Well, I am kind of afraid of clowns. Those painted smiling faces could hide a multitude of ugliness, mostly on the inside. There could be a rapist or child molester under all that paint! But the fear that keeps me from my goal is my fear of finishing a manuscript. Once I get to the middle, my writing slows and I start to second guess every word I put on the page. What if I finish, and it sucks? What if I NEVER finish. What if ending it this way would be better than ending it that way? The list goes on and on.
I'm working on a cure. Just write.
Sometimes that works. Sometimes, I just find reasons not to write. Reasons like....reading and replying to blogs. lol!
Great post Maureen!

Maureen said...

I hear you on the clowns..they are creepy! lol I often find that I fear the story sounds better in my head and I can't get it 'just write' on paper. Keep on writing! thanks for visiting :)